With the nomination period closing this Wednesday at 4 pm, candidates for the upcoming by-election, where we will find a new city councilor, are starting to come to light.

Steven White is the newest member of the community to submit his name into the running. White talked about why he thought he would make a good city councilor for Moose Jaw;

"I was taught from a very young age that you can do anything you believe in as long as you put your mind to it and work hard. Everything I've ever done in life I've been successful - thank God. I work hard in everything I do so I know the citizens will see that when they talk to me and discuss. You know you can't make everyone happy but I'll do my best to make sure the majority of people in the city are happy".

White spoke to us about the role of a city councilor, and how he would approach it;

"Ultimately we're civil servants and we're supposed to be working for the people of the city. When city businesses are shut down because something happens, you're given a couple days notice that somethings going to happen right in front of them and they have to adjust, that shouldn't happen. We are here to work for the citizens of Moose Jaw, we need to start realizing that".

Also talking about his extensive background in finance, White says he has a lot of skills that the city could benefit from;

"I've been in financial services for over 25 years. I've been everything from (the) head trader of a brokerage firm, to a financial planner who owned his own franchise. I just understand the numbers. I've actually looked through the cities budgets and things don’t completely add up for what we're trying to accomplish".

The municipal by-election will be held Wednesday, October 17.