While the overall temperature for central and southern Saskatchewan in October was average, most of the month saw above-average temperatures dragged down by a colder-than-average final week. 

“In the province it was kind of a split when it came to temperature wise, both regionally and a spatially over time as well because for the most part October was pretty warm and dry – but that came sort of to a crashing halt the last week of October, when the temperatures really took a nosedive,” said Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang. 

Moose Jaw’s October temperatures were relatively average leaning to cold, with the month being the 36th coldest in 128 years. According to Environment Canada's website, the average mean daily temperature in Moose Jaw for the month was 4.3 degrees.

Precipitation for Moose Jaw was also somewhat lower than the 30-year average of 19.6 mm, sitting at 15.9 mm for the month, but nothing out of the ordinary. “Maybe kind of middle of the road – 56th driest out of 122 years. So kind of right in the middle,” said Lang. 

Lang says that an El Nino winter is in the forecast for this year, and November is likely to be on the warmer side, but that the full effects of El Nino won’t be felt until later in the winter season.  

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