You know, there have been many, many changes at 800 CHAB since I first joined the team back in 1986.  However, one of the radio features that has NEVER changed is the Evans Florist Birthday and Anniversary Show.  

We've been celebrating local milestones on the CHAB Morning Show every weekday morning, must before 9:00 AM, for 35 years and counting and, as I recall, Evans Florist has always been the sponsor.

And local people love it!  I've talked to many listeners over the years who absolutely can't miss that feature on the radio.  People from across the province call, text and email us each and every day.  People like Moose Jaw's Jeannine Horsnall.  I've known "Neannie" since we were kids.  We grew up in the same neighbourhood.

Jeannine rarely misses a chance to wish her family and friends a happy birthday or happy anniversary. 

Well, with that in mind, her family made sure to recognize her birthday on Tuesday, November 16th.  And you know what?  We only had two birthdays to announce so she had a 50-50 chance at winning the flowers and that she did!

Happy birthday, Neannie.  Thanks for listening to CHAB and thanks for sending us a photo of you and the beautiful Evans Florist birthday bouquet!

If you'd like to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary, the best way is to give us all the details HERE.  You can also call us during the 800 CHAB Morning Show between 6:00 and 9:00 AM, Monday through Friday - on the Moose Jaw RV & Marine Contest Line:  306 693 8000.