Parking patios have become a common sight in Moose Jaw over the last several years.  

The patios, outside of downtown businesses, temporarily convert parking stalls into seating areas.  

Michelle Sanson, director of planning and development services with the City of Moose Jaw, said they’ve received two applications so far this year. “One for Mitsu [Sweet Cafe & Sushi], and one for the Tunnels, which are again repeats of previous years.” 

“We’re excited to have them back, and we’ve also had some interest in a couple of others – just haven’t had the applications in yet, but definitely more to come.” 

Sanson said applications are still open for the season. "They can pay per day, so it doesn’t need to be a full annual payment for the entire season.” 

She added that the cost for a stall is $7.50 per day, or $1100 for the season. “And then there’s additional rates if you had additional parking stalls that you wanted to extend into.” 

The summer season runs April 1 through October 31. 

Anyone interested can reach out to the City of Moose Jaw by emailing or can call 306-694-4443. “We just need some plans. We would review those plans to ensure that there’s enough sidewalk space, and you’re meeting all the safety requirements within our policy.” 

“It provides a really great feel for our downtown and having that on our street is definitely welcome.”