It's a favourite eating spot for locals and tourists alike so when word got around that the original owner/operator, Brandon Richardson, was selling, some were a little worried.

Among those who grew to love the eats at Deja Vu Cafe are John Adams and his family. They were concerned there would be changes under new ownership so, in an effort to make sure their favourite restaurant didn't make any changes to the menu, they bought the place!

There's a little more to the story than that but, essentially, that's what happened.

Adams, his family and business partner have owned and operated Deja Vu since April 3rd and John tells us they're having a blast!

You can learn more about Deja Vu, have a look at their menu and order on-line right HERE

And, for more on the story and to get to know John a little better, have a listen to our visit on this page.

Deja Vu's John Adams posting for a photo in his restaurantThe new owner at Deja Vu Cafe in Moose Jaw is John Adams