You'll find Organically Connected in the historic Scott Block in downtown Moose Jaw at 12-B High Street East.  And, when you walk through the doors you will feel the energy!

Christian Kitchen and Organically Connected "offer you the supplies and support to explore your inner self.  Channeled Reiki & Sound Healer on-site that offers a unique and personal experience.  Crystals, books, incense, candles, decks, decor and more."

As Christian explains, "Organically Connected is about a better than average life.  Choosing to be organic isn't simply keeping your grocery store visits limited to the organic aisle or always purchasing non-toxic cleaner and recycling.  Living organically is about being completely fulfilled and offers a new sense of peace to our everyday experiences."

You'll find a wonderful gift shop at Organically Connected but you can also book Christian for "unfiltered coach sessions".

Interested?  Have a listen to our visit with Christian on this page and check out the website HERE.

A look inside the healing room at Organically ConnectedA look inside the healing room at Organically Connected in downtown Moose Jaw
A look at some of the beautiful items you can choose from at Organically ConnectedHere are just a few of the beautiful gifts you'll find at Organically Connected