Just like the pros, the Peacock Tornadoes football team spent the month of October sporting pink on their uniforms. It was all in the name of raising awareness about breast cancer and raising funds at the same time.

Last week, the Tornadoes presented the Canadian Cancer Society with a cheque for over $500.

“We wear some pink socks and some pink tape and then we collect donations from the crowd during our games in October,” said Bert Redstone, the head coach of the Tornadoes.

The initiative is in its third year for the Tornadoes and continues to go strong with the team raising close to $500 each year.

Redstone said it’s great to see the players buy into the initiative and share their stories of being affected with cancer.

“When we start the initiative I poll the players about who’s been affected by cancer and it’s amazing how many hands go up, we’re talking about mothers, grandmothers, aunts, siblings, the list just goes on, so the kids really get on board with it,” said Redstone.

After three successful years, Redstone is hoping that other teams across the province get on board to raise as much awareness and funds as possible.

“Blake Buettner started it three years ago and I’d to put out a bit of a challenge to other teams around the province, if one 12-man football team can raise $500, imagine if all 12-man football teams could raise $500, that would be a nice chunk of change to hand over to the Cancer Society,” he said.

The Canadian Cancer Society currently has a Christmas house set up in Regina at 3414 Phaneuf Crescent with donations accepted in front of the house.  It will be set up until Jan. 2.