Teachers across one of the school divisions in Moose Jaw asked their students to participate in a picture contest. 

Tessa Petruic's prize winning picture which she created with pencil crayons to win a contest hosted by the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division.

Children were tasked with creating a picture that could be shared over the holidays and Grade 8 St. Michael Student, Tessa Petruic, was awarded the top prize. 

"The teachers decided to make us all draw something for the nativity scene and we were going to use it for the Christmas cards that the Holy Trinity Catholic Schools are doing," detailed Petruic. "Not many in my class decided to do it, but I decided to do it so I could win my class a pizza party and have fun making it."

"I decided to draw Mary holding little born Jesus, I decided to draw that because when I think of Christmas, I don't think of the nativity scene I think of Mary first holding her baby and first getting to know her child."

Her classmates congratulated her and cheer every time their teacher shares an update about their prize. 

Thanks to Petruic the Grade 8 class at St. Michael School will spend their last day before Christmas enjoying pizza, and her card will be shared throughout the school division.