Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 August 9– 2022 August 10

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 49

0757 hours – Bike Theft- Stolen sometime during the night

0819 hours- Dispute- Between 2 individuals. Situation mediated.

0926 hours- Dispute- Between landlord and tenant. Advice provided.

1011 hours- Dispute- One subject arrested on outstanding warrants, released for court at a later date

1054 hours- Mischief- Security cameras stolen off business. Still under investigation.

1059 hours- Wildlife Act- Report of injured bird. Conservation notified.

1102 hours- Unwanted Guest- Dispute between 2 parties. Separated and advice given.

1111 hours- Dispute- Over property. Situation mediated.

1114 hours- Bike Theft- Stolen sometime during the night.

1153 hours- Mischief- Damage to vehicle. Still under investigation for camera footage.

1152 hours- Fraud- Victim of romance scam. Out money. Still under investigation

1443 hours- Landlord/Tenant Dispute- Over water issue. Directed to contact appropriate agency.

1638 hours- MVA- 3 vehicles involved, no injuries, 1 tow. 1 ticket issued,

1709 hours- Unwanted Guest- Advice provided on banning someone from property.

1757 hours- MVA- 2 vehicles involved, no injuries, 1 tow, approximately $3000 damage.

1832 hours- Fraud- Victim out money. File number provided.

2216 hours- Intoxicated Person- Subject intoxicated in public. Held in cells until sober.

2329 hours- Assist Sick Person- Subject taken to hospital by EMS and left in are of ER staff.

2331 hours- MVA- Single vehicle collision, hit post. No injuries. $7000 damages

2342 hours- Breach of Conditional Sentence Order- Subject arrested and held in cells for court in AM


Assist Other Agency – 1

Warrant Executed – 7

Alarm Calls- 1

911- 4