Moose Jaw Police Service
2024 July 3 – 2024 July 4
0700 hours – 0700 hours
Total Calls –

0800 Hours – Alarm Call- False alarm.

0856 Hours – Suspicious Person- Person was located and left upon request of police.

0933 Hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Advice was given.

0946 Hours – Assault- Statement obtained, still under investigation for further charges.

1003 Hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject was located and issued trespass ticket.

1022 Hours – Trespass- Still under investigation for video footage, for possible charges.

1038 Hours – Dispute- Subject was located and was spoken with, agreed to calm down.

1112 Hours – Unwanted Guest- Subject left are prior to police arrival.

1127 Hours – Dispute- Situation mediated both parties separated.

1155 Hours – Lost Property- Reported for Information, will call back if located.

1218 Hours – Suspicious Person- Statement obtained, still under investigation for possible charges.

1216 Hours – Theft- On the 400 Block Home St. a wallet was stolen out of a vehicle, still under investigation to identify subject.

1221 Hours – Dispute- Under investigation to locate and speak to vehicle owners.

1245 Hours – Suspicious Occurrence- Property was located and exhibited for disposal.

1338 Hours- Dispute- Advice was given.

1336 Hours- Dispute- Historic property dispute, advice was given on how to move forward.

1731 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Left upon police request.

1838 Hours- Dispute- Parties agreed to separate for the night and to mediate the situation tomorrow

1951 Hours- Unwanted Guests- People were located on private property, warned about trespass bylaw and moved along.

2008 Hours- Unwanted Guest- Situation mediated, both parties agreed to separate. Advice was given on other available resources.

2113 Hours- Noise Bylaw- Home occupants were spoken to and agreed to keep the noise to minimum.

2203 Hours- Dispute- Verbal argument between 2 parties who were separated for the night.

2317 Hours- Dispute- One subject charged with breach of undertaking.

0016 Hours- Erratic Driving- Owner of vehicle involved was warned of their driving actions and all parties were sent on there was without any issues.

0257 Hours- Mischief- A business on the 800 Block of 9th Ave Nw had its front door broken, under investigation for video and to identify and charge the subject.

Well Being Checks-4
Dispute- 13
Assist other Agency – 4
911 Calls – 5