August 15 – August 16, 2020 
7:00 am to 7:00 am 

10:01 am – Abandoned Vehicle – There was a report of vehicle left in a parking lot. The owner was contacted. 

10:33 am – Unwanted Guest – A subject was causing a disturbance in the area. The individual was located and arrested on a warrant. 

11:13 am – Fraud – A person had sent money and information to purchase a puppy. This was reported for information purposes. 

11:21 am – Bike Theft – A bicycle was stolen in the evening last night. This is still under investigation for police to review the video. 

11:54 am – Theft – A subject was caught going through a vehicle and was charged with theft. 

12:19 pm – Weapons Call – An air gun was found in a backpack in a parking lot. It was seized and the subject was sent on their way. 

12:49 pm – Break and Enter – A garage lock was cut off and the garage was entered in the last 3 days. Nothing was noted as missing, and this is still under investigation. 

2:33 pm – MVA – Two vehicles were  involved in an accident with no injuries, no tows, and approximately $5000.00 of damage. 

4:24 pm – Disturbance – There was a report of a person in yelling in the area. The subject was found and was warned. 

7:36 pm – Dispute – There was a report of a wallet being stolen. This is still under investigation. 

7:51 pm – Driving Erratic – There was a report of a vehicle swerving all over the road. Police attended to the area and were unable to locate the vehicle. 

8:41 pm – Alarm Call – There was an alarm call at a business. Police attended and it was all secure. 

8:58 pm – Unwanted Guest – There was a report of people at a business refusing to leave. The subjects left upon police request. 

11:01 pm – Unwanted Guest – The subject left upon police request. 

11:34 pm – Noise Bylaw – Police attended and the homeowner was warned of noise bylaw. 

11:43 pm – Impaired Driving – The subject was charged as impaired and was held until sober. 

2:09 am – Intoxicated Person – The subject left at police request. 

2:29 am – Noise Bylaw – The homeowner was warned of the bylaw. 

5:13 am – Unwanted Guest – The subject was to be charged with breach. 

Police executed three warrants. 
Police responded to two 911 calls.