At Monday night’s City Council meeting, there was a discussion about the size of the new pool that will replace the Phyllis Dewar outdoor pool. 

City Council is applying for federal funding to build a $9 million facility that would include a 25-metre outdoor pool, waterslide, leisure pool and splash pad. 

During that council meeting, representatives from the Kinsmen Flying Fins asked City Council to consider a 50-metre pool for its long-course competitive swimmers so the club can host long-course events such as its annual SummerFest meet. The Phyllis Dewar is one of the last outdoor 50-metre pools in Saskatchewan. 

City Administration presented two options: 

  1. A 50-metre pool with a waterslide and small splash pad, but no leisure pool, for an additional $2.7 million cost to the city. 
  2. A 50-metre pool with a large splash pad, but no leisure pool or waterslide, for an additional $2.5 million cost to the city. 

We are asking you what option would you like to see the city take for the new outdoor pool. Take our poll below: