Fewer and fewer lab tests for COVID-19 are producing positive results in Saskatchewan.

The province's weekly update, delivered Thursday afternoon, included a 3.87-per-cent positivity rate for lab tests (208 confirmed cases in 5,372 tests). That rate was 4 per cent last Thursday, 5.3 per cent in the June 2 update, and above 13 per cent in early March.

Meanwhile, the test-positivity rate for the South East zone of the province rose from 9.1 per cent to 9.6, week over week. The South East was the highest in the province, following by Regina at 7 per cent.

There were three more deaths reported in the weekly update, including one that occurred earlier but was reported in the latest week's data.

Three new outbreaks were reported in the province. All of them were in the Regina zone.

And the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Saskatchewan fell from 157 to 119, week-over-week.