Moose Jaw Literacy Network is doing its part to combat the “Summer Slide” some students experience over the course of their holidays by suggesting some activities that can be paired with all the fun the season has to offer. 

“You hear quite a bit about the ‘Summer Slide” at this time of the year, the claim is that children lose much of what they gained from school during the summer break,” said Moose Jaw Literacy Network Coordinator, Christine Boyczuk.  

“But when you consider that if they lost those academic skills over the few weeks of summer, then did they really consolidate those skills?” 

The idea behind the summer activities proposed by the Moose Jaw Literacy Network is simple; find a way to reinforce the knowledge they have gained in a fun and organic manner, which in turn will allow students to retain more upon their return to school. 

One of the example ideas proposed is planning a party with your child for their friends and family while reinforcing their math skills by having them draft up the budget.  

Boychuk also suggests finding activities that have a learning component at their core, recommending parents consider programs offered by the Moose Jaw Public Library, regional and provincial parks, and other education focused groups. 

Finding activities of interest can potentially be a challenge but the Moose Jaw Literacy Network has a solution. 

“We have developed a booklet of activities over the summer that helps parents choose activities their children might be interested in,” said Boyczuk.  

“It was sent to all schools to be posted on their school website and there are lots of structured things like camps and things that are really good when it’s not direct teaching, it’s self-directed learning.” 

While it is encouraged to take steps to avoid the effects Summer Slide has on children’s future learning potential, Boyczuk does emphasize the importance of play during the summer break. 

“We need a vacation for our own mental health, and kids also need to be able to play, to be outside, and in particular younger kids,” Boyczuk explains. “So, these are really important things where you learn some important life lessons.”  

Follow the links below to find inspiration for, or how to take part in some fun and educational summer activities. 

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