Moose Jaw Co-op and SaskWater’s Project Shine raised $7,895.69 for St. Aiden Anglican Church’s weekend lunch program. 

Over the month of August, donations were taken at the till at the Moose Jaw Co-op Marketplace grocery store with the Co-op and SaskWater matching the donations up to $2,500. 

The till donations totaled $2,895.69 along with the matching donations. 

“We had great faith in our members and customers because they are very generous, and we do well with other such campaigns. But this was new, so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We were very happy with the outcome,” said Moose Jaw Co-op interim marketing and community relations manager Maureen Latta. 

Courtney Mihalicz, manager of corporate communications with SaskWater, said they are hoping to make this an annual event. 

“This is the first of an annual campaign and we want to keep it focused on the areas of food security as well as the unhoused in the community,” she said. 

The weekend lunch program was launched by the church three years ago when they realized a variety of organizations had free lunch programs for those in need, but there was a gap on the weekends. 

St. Aiden Anglican Church stepped up and started a program to offer free lunches for those in need during the weekends. 

Church Administrator Michelle Josefson said they are very grateful for the donation. 

“For them to make that choice, to contribute to this project is wonderful. And then for the two organizations to give the matching amount, we’re just so grateful,” Josefson said. 

Josefson added that the funds will go towards food costs and supplies. 

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