The Saskatchewan RCMP addressed the public on Tuesday, providing more information regarding an Amber Alert issued on Monday evening at the request of the Shaunavon detachment.  

Chief Superintendent Tyler Bates, Officer in Charge of the Saskatchewan RCMP’s South District Management Team provided a statement regarding Benjamin Martin Moore who is accused of abducting two small children and their mother. 

“I can confirm that evidence was discovered when the Shaunavon RCMP were asked to assist the Ministry of Social Services with an investigation relating to allegations surrounding Benjamin Moore," says Chief Superintendent Bates.

The victims are a seven-year-old female, an eight-year-old male, and the mother of the children, 45-year-old Leah Potts is believed to be traveling with them. 

Before police were able to question him, Benjamin, Leah and the children vacated their residence in Eastend, SK. This led the Ministry to issue an Apprenshion Order for the children, which forced the RCMP to issue the Amber Alert.  

“Benjamin Moore has a history of sexual offenses against children, vulnerable persons, and has previously been convicted with Sexual Interference and Possession of Child Pornography.” 

Chief Superintendent, Bates notes that on Tuesday RCMP Investigators has charged Moore with Failing to Report Information to the Registration Centre within seven days after a change of main or secondary residence. This is required by the Sex Offender Information Registry Act. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Moore.  

Information obtained by 980 CJME stated that Moore was sentenced in 2009 for possessing child pornography.

Court documents obtained by The Canadian Press say Moore was convicted in 2009 for sexual interference with a minor. He was sentenced to two years and two months behind bars.

In 2011, when Moore was 39 years old, he was sentenced again for breaching his probation by accessing a computer, or another technological device. He served another three months in jail.

In that same year, 980 CJME reported police in Regina warned the public about Moore being released into the community, adding he was at a high risk to reoffend.

Police also said Moore had a history of committing sexual offences against children and had a number of conditions upon his release, including returning to a community correctional facility every night.

The RCMP Major Crimes is encouraging those with any tips or any history with Moore to come forward to the RCMP.  

On Tuesday, Police extended the Amber Alert into South Dakota because evidence pointed them in that direction.

South Dakota’s Amber Alert was issued late on Tuesday night and lasted about 90 minutes before they were found by the Meades County Sheriffs Office.

(With files from 980 CJME)