Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

29 year old Constable Robin Cameron and 26-year-old Constable Marc Bourdages have passed away.

For the last nine days, Canadians have been praying for the recovery of Constables Robin Cameron and Marc Bourdages, the two officers stationed in Spiritwood.  They were gunned down at the end of a high speed chase on July 7th.

The RCMP and family members confirmed Sunday morning that both officers passed away late Saturday night.

They had been listed in critical condition ever since undergoing extensive surgery a week ago Saturday for the injuries sustained in the shooting south of nearby Mildred. 

Both Cameron and Bourdages had been shot in the head.  They were taken off life-support by doctors with the permission of the families.

The search continues for 41 year old Curtis Dagenais, the suspect in the shootings.

He will be facing two counts of murder and one of attempted murder for apparently firing at anothe officer.