With the warmer temperatures the region has seen in recent weeks, Moose Jaw residents may have noticed an increase in coyote sightings in the area.  

The City of Moose Jaw wants to remind people of their Coyote Control Program.  

“Coyotes are an important part of our urban environment,” explains Daily Lennox, Parks Supervisor. “They are valuable for controlling unwanted pests in our open green spaces “. 

Moose Jaw’s growth and expanded residential neighbourhoods have caused a loss of habitat for coyotes. The city is advising residents to keep their distance from coyotes, make themselves appear big, and make noise. Don’t try to run, as they may chase you, so back away slowly and move towards a building or public space.  

Residents are encouraged to not leave food out in their year, do not feed the wildlife, constantly check on small pets that are outside, including cats, and clean up dog feces, fallen fruit, garbage, and other food sources.  

The city provided more helpful information about coyotes: 

  • Attacks on people are very rare, but a domestic pet may fall victim.  

  • They’re a benefit to our community by eating mice, rats, gophers, and other small rodents.  

  • Generally, they’re scared of humans but could attack if they’re protecting a den or food. 

If an emergency phone 911, and for non-emergency situations, you can report sightings at 306-694- 4447.