Moose Jaw had its fingerprint all over the latest music video released by Regina rock musician Zayd.  

The video was for the song Silent Story which was produced by Moose Jaw’s own Jared Robinson and Nebulus Entertainment.  

Not only that but the music video for Silent Story was shot in Moose Jaw by local director Matt Reeb and Moose Jaw cinematographer Jeremy Ratzlaff.  

Reeb talked about the decision to make the music video here.  

“We wanted to try and keep as much of the money locally as we could. So, investing in local businesses for food or, for example, we utilized Sole Connection as where we filmed,” he said.  

Reeb said the process started with coming up with a concept. The subject of the song revolves around sexual abuse and having the courage to speak up. It was a concept that the film crew took and ran with. 

“We're following the story of a character, a young boy, who lost his mom at a young age, and his stepmom is now living there and she is showing a little extra attention to him,” Reeb said.   

“He's beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable. As the video progresses, you follow that story of him becoming more aware.”  

As the video progresses, you see the young boy now as an adult trying to deal with the sexual abuse. He starts with his mouth covered but it goes away as he’s able to talk about what has happened.  

The crew had over 100 people audition for parts in the video. In the end, they had a crew of nine and a cast of four. The video was shot over three days last February at Sole Connection.  

They brought on board 35mm film specialist Matt Ripplinger from Regina. The reason for shooting the video on 35mm film was to add hand-drawn scratch art by lead scratch artist Taegan O’Bertos. While Reeb admitted they could have done it digitally, they like the look and feel they got from doing hand-drawn scratch art over the 35mm film.  

Reeb said working with Zayd was also a great experience. Zayd was nominated for Radio Wigwam (UK) Indie Rock Artist of the Year and SaskMusic Video of the Year, both in 2021.  

“He is one of the most dedicated musicians I think I've ever met and his drive made me want to partner with his song and his vision for the song and create something beautiful together,” Reeb said.   

“He's a local artist who does a lot of self-funding and so he saved money and was able to employ a bunch of us to come on and partner with what I think is one of his best pieces of work to tell a story and create a beautiful piece of art that now is being promoted all over the world.”  

You can watch the music video for Silent Story below: