4-H members from across four clubs will be taking part in the Regional 4-H Show and Sale this summer at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds. 

The members will be showing their steers and heifers on Saturday, June 24, and the steer sale will take place following the awards ceremony on Sunday, June 25, at the Gomersall Arena. 

The sale wraps up a year of hard work by the 4-H members from attending meetings to keeping record books on their animals to raising their animal to be sold. 

“They have hopefully learned how to fatten and finish an animal and then that's what they're presenting at the sale are those steers,” said Regional 4-H Show and Sale Committee member Leanne Warken. 

Warken said the sale has something for everyone whether it is someone looking to stock up their freezer with beef or being a partial buyer to give a donation to the 4-H members. 

The committee is anticipating as many as 60 kids from four 4-H Clubs taking part in the show and sale. 

“There are usually about 30 steers. They can only have one stee. There are usually around 50 or 60 kids in the show altogether. Some choose just to show a heifer,” Warken said. 

More information about the show and sale can be found on the Moose Jaw Regional 4-H Show and Sale Facebook page.