On September 17 and 18 the Canadian Ranch Roping Association is presenting the 2022 Finals at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Ground's Golden Mile Arena. 

The event kicks off at 9 am on Saturday, and will run until late Sunday afternoon. 

“Ranch roping is derived from the type of roping the Spaniards used in Mexico until they moved into California,” said president and reigning champion, Ross Smith. “It’s quite an old, traditional style of roping. It’s very stress-free, and quite a bit different from what you’d see at a rodeo.” 

“It’s judged, instead of timed,” added Smith. “It’s all about going slow and being kind to the animal. We use 60-foot ropes, and the fancier loop we throw, the more points we get.” 

There are about 40 competitors, from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta. The youngest competitors are around 10 years old, while some are almost 70. 

“There are three people to a team and it’s not uncommon to see two, or even three, generations of a family competing on the same team. It’s very family-oriented,” said Smith. “There are also several ladies that compete with us, and they’re just as handy as us men.” 

There is no admission fee for the public, the event is free. The concession will also be open throughout the day and there will be a small trade show going on as well.  

For more information on the Canadian Ranch Roping Association (CRRA), click here.