Moose Jaw residents may have started to see an influx of heavy equipment hit the streets, as construction season is ramping up and snow removal is winding down. 

In saying that, the City of Moose Jaw wants residents to keep safety in mind when traveling in the vicinity of equipment this spring and summer.  

They explained that it’s important to keep a safe distance between yourself and the city’s equipment and vehicles, as safety measures are to be followed in all work or construction sites.  

Jason Trzaskowski, Street and Roads Supervisor say that currently crews on working on several projects around the city, and their sites aren’t always fenced or barricaded in.  

If a resident was to come into a roadway or area that includes heavy equipment, it could result in a serious injury.  

“Moving equipment of all types can pose significant safety hazards,” explains Trzaskowski. “We ask that the public refrain from approaching city equipment while the staff is performing their duties.” 

Motorists are also encouraged to obey all permanent and temporary traffic signage and to avoid areas with active work, especially with moving equipment. 

If residents have any questions or concerns about the work being performed, they are encouraged to call 306-694-4448 or put in their request through the City of Moose Jaw app.