It's another step on the road to amalgamation.

The Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission and Sask Wheat are once again asking farmers for feedback.

Producers are being asked to review the latest consultation document which provides the background, rationale, and process for the potential amalgamation.

Winter Cereals executive director Carol Ann Patterson says the staff and boards of both organizations over the summer determined what some of the big issues are and tried to address them in this document. 

"How would winter cereals be governed? What kind of board positions would be there? Then there was also the administration, of course. There's also levy collection. Who becomes responsible for administering the levy?"

Farmers are encouraged to check out the document here and leave their comments. 

The comment period closes on December 11th, both organizations have the document online.

Visit Sask Wheat of the Saskatchewan Winter Cereals Development Commission websites.

You can hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with SWCDC Executive Director Carol Ann Patterson by clicking the link below.