We are now into the fall hunting season in Saskatchewan. People from outside of the province and country will be coming to the province will be coming into the province to hunt for different birds and animals.

With that, Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, Darrell Crabbe says that you need to know the rules if you come here to hunt, or you could face a penalty.

"The biggest deterrent is the level of fines being used against those people not following our rules. When somebody poaches an animal and it becomes a financial burden on them, they sure think twice about it."

Crabbe spoke about some of the advantages of hunting in Saskatchewan.

"There's lots of pristine forests out there, park lands, prairies and everything. Our wildlife numbers are quite high and that's something you don't see everywhere across the world, so we're lucky to get to live here."

The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation also is also sending out the reminder to us to keep and eye out for moose on the highways as they can cause massive damage to your vehicle as well as yourself.