The Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association [SCA] District Meetings begin this week.

CEO for SCA, Ryder Lee says they are holding a workshop prior to supper called 'What are your cattle worth?'. 

He says it focuses on futures, basis and exchange and how they play a role in the marketing decision.

"You figures out what is the market saying about these cattle that I have or are considering buying worth," he says. "You can make decisions based on that much information in hand. Whether it's marketing decisions, like do you keep our calves and sell them for a certain period of time, or do you background them, or do you decide to retain ownership."

Lee said that this year's meeting starts a 5 o'clock with a cattle marketing workshop noting there are lots of different ways to market your cattle and step one is information.

"We hope this really goes over with people," he said. "We are going to have supper and it's on the SCA so people are welcome to come out for supper and then at 7 we will have our usual meetings which are our update form SCA. We are going to have some of the national organizations at the meetings giving an update and then a chance to make some policy."

Today's meeting is at the Brock Hall and the Kerry Vickers Centre in Melfort, while tomorrow's meeting is in Swift Current at the Days Inn.