A Saskatchewan horror enthusiast hopes to become the new Face of Horror, through a Facebook contest which gives participants a chance to win big money and meet a horror idol. 

Devon Oman, the creator, director and producer for Dead Prairies Productions, is a star with his production of multiple non-profit horror movies filmed and debuted around Swift Current. He has recently entered the second annual Face of Horror contest, which is an online competition designed to bring together fans of horror from all over the world and help one lucky person’s nightmarish dream come true.

Oman hopes that with some help from his fans, he might win the grand prize, which is $13,000, and a trip to Hollywood, to do a photoshoot with Kane Hodder, who portrays Jason Vorhees in the Friday the 13th film series. 

“If I win the money, I'm going to donate half of the money to the Lyceum Theatre because they've been great, and half to the SPCA.” said Oman. “I'm combining two of my biggest passions, movies and animals. So, I'm donating all the money to them, and if I win, I have a photo shoot with Kane Hodder, who was Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies. That is a bigger dream than the money for me.”

The basis of the contest is to be voted through rounds, competing against other horror enthusiasts. Oman has just made it through the first two rounds and is now sitting at third place in the final 15. The voting for the top 10 ends on Thursday, September 28 and you can vote here.

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