Saskatchewan musicians like Saskatoon’s Darryl Anderson are finding success as they head to social media platforms like TikTok to reach a broader audience.  

For Anderson, it started out with posting old videos on a TikTok channel and morphed into a wide range of content.  

“I've been doing covers on there. I do original music. I do live shows on TikTok. I feel like I utilize TikTok to the max and it's been a huge help for me. The opportunities that have come up because of it have been amazing. I have great stories all around,” the country music artist commented.  

Anderson’s TikTok videos have received thousands of views and he has over 28,000 followers and 202,000 likes. He’s making fans as far away as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States by using the platform.  

Along with that, using social media and TikTok has opened a lot of doors for Anderson as an artist.  

“I sang at Red Rocks in Colorado because of TikTok, in Utah, I sang on the beaches of Florida because of TikTok, South Carolina, I have amazing friends in Texas because of it. It is just crazy, all because of TikTok,” he said.  

There have been plenty of stories about overnight sensations that have been discovered on YouTube and TikTok.   

While it’s not impossible, Anderson felt if you are putting out good content and putting an effort into it as an artist, it will pay off.  

“I think it's persistence and drive that's going to get you going. Keep making the videos. Try and make them sound good. Try and make them visually nice to look at and just be yourself so that people see you're just the same person all the time,” he said.  

Anderson’s content can be found on TikTok and Instagram under @darryl_anderson_music.