Did you know that you can scan your poppy with your smartphone to learn more about Canada's fallen soldiers?

All you have to do is go to poppystories.ca and scan a poppy you've received from the Royal Canadian Legion.

Roy LaBuick, past president with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 59 Moose Jaw, says there are about 100 stories on the site, noting in previous years the stories focused mainly on WWII and Korean War veterans.

Each story on the website includes a photo of the fallen soldier, some personal information including (date of birth, birthplace, family), and a detailed military timeline. 

LaBuick says the mobile website is a great way for Canada's youth to learn more about what our veterans did for us.

"Living in a digital world or electronic world is a little different from when some of us grew up. We learned about stories of our veterans in school. Kids today, anybody, going on to this they can learn about what our veterans have done in the past, the importance of the role that our veterans have served."

LaBuick mentioned that not a lot of veterans will share their stories but with a website like poppystories.ca, it allows the information to be shared a little bit easier.

The stories expand on veterans' lives, including where and how they grew up in Canada, their family history, pre-war careers, and even some of their passions.

"It gives you a little bit of an understanding of what our veterans were doing when they were in World War II, in Korea, serving peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, that sort of thing," added LaBuick. "Some really good history there that we have to make sure that it doesn't get forgotten. It's up to us, our generation to make sure that the next generation is aware of these sorts of things or what they have done in the past and what the future role of our military may very well have to be as well."

The website also allows users to share stories with friends and family, as well as make a donation to The Poppy Fund.

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