The new chair of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association says he's ready to take on the role.

Keith Day, a rancher from Kyle moves into the role as Arnold Balicki completed his term as board chair. 

Day credits Balicki for the work he did in leading the organization through the province-wide drought and worldwide pandemic.

Day is honored to take on his new role, noting that investing in research remains a key priority for the board as they work to help producers become more competitive, more profitable and more sustainable.

"I think communications will be a big focus for the SCA. In the coming months, we are going to concentrate on getting our message out to the people more. That will include getting the results from the research out to the people who need to see those results."

Looking forward Day says there are a number of ongoing issues that need to be addressed for the cattle industry.

"Like the vet shortage, the shortage in the trucking industry. Cost of inputs is an ongoing issue I think that needs to be continually worked on. I think the competitiveness in the packing industry is something that's an ongoing issue."

Day says they would also like to see some sort of production insurance program that's ready to respond to a disease outbreak.

"That would include a vaccine bank and a program that would be shelf ready in case there is a major national or provincial disease issue."

Overall he says it's important to work with all levels of government to be as prepared as possible so that in the event something like that happens we are as prepared as we can be.