The City of Moose Jaw says that the Narrow Streets Parking Project is continuing its expansion to several additional city blocks this month.

The Narrow Streets parking project was launched as a pilot project in 2015.

The project is a safety measure that allows emergency services vehicles sufficient access to properties on narrow roadways. A narrow roadway is defined as being less than nine metres in width.

“The project will help ensure safety for our residents,” said Moose Jaw Fire Chief Rod Montgomery. “The National Fire Code of Canada states that fire trucks must be able to access one face of residential buildings. The project will allow all emergency services (fire, police and ambulance) to properly access residential properties and our Public Works vehicles also need the room to properly clean and maintain those roadways.” 

Moose Jaw City Council has approved expanding the project to all city roadways less than nine metres in width. 

One side of the street parking is now in effect on the roadways below:

1. 1000 block 3rd Ave NE
2. 1200 block 3rd Ave NE
3. 1300 block 3rd Ave. NE
4. 1000 block Chestnut Ave
5. 1100 block Chestnut Ave
6. 900 block Chestnut Ave
7. 900 block 2nd Ave NE
8. 1000 block Willow Ave
9. 400 block Ross St. W

Changes to the following locations will be completed by Friday, September 29 (weather permitting):

10. 800 Blk 3rd Ave NW (September)
11. 900 Blk 3rd Ave NW (September)
12. 1000 Blk 2nd Ave NW (September)
13. 1100 Blk 2nd Ave NW (September)
14. 1100 Blk Redland Ave (September)
15. 1200 Blk Redland Ave (September)
16. 1st leg of 1200 Blk 1st Ave NW (September)
17. 1st leg of 1200 Blk 2nd Ave NW (September)

New signage on the above roadways will be installed and parking will be restricted to the west sides of the streets, and prohibited on the east sides.

Affected property owners were delivered letters from the city in advance of the new restrictions.

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