Six Moose Jaw Police Service officers received awards on Wednesday for catching impaired drivers. 

The Van de Vorst Family Awards are given by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada and were created in honour the Van de Vorst family after they were struck by an impaired driver in 2016. Jordan and Chanda Van de Vorst, and their children Kamryn and Migure, lost their lives.  

There are three levels to the awards that are given depending on the number of impaired drivers the officer has charged during the last year. 

Silver Challenge Coins – 8 to 16 impaired drivers 

Gold Coin Awards – 17 or more impaired drivers 

Platinum Awards – 40 or more impaired drivers 

Constable Alanna Coghill was awarded the Silver Challenge Coin. “It’s good to get some recognition any time. Obviously, we’re all in this career to keep our community safe.” 

Coghill says that approximately 280 charges were laid against impaired drivers by MJPS last year including both criminal code charges and license suspensions. She attributes the continued success in catching impaired drivers to a change in the way check stops are performed.  

“Moose Jaw Police have kind of transitioned from doing a stationary check stop, where obviously people can see you or announce on social media nowadays where you are. We’ve moved to a roaming check stop, so we’re partnered up in cars, and we’re just driving around doing vehicle stops and doing mandatory ASD demands at that time.” 

Awards were given to MJPS officers this year as follows: 

Cst. Brandon Braun - Gold (26 charges/license suspensions)

Cst. Ryan Lundquist – Gold (17 charges/license suspensions)

Cst. Alanna Coghill – Silver (15 charges/license suspensions)

Cst. Jacques Geyer - Silver (12 charges/license suspensions

Cst. Sarah Kristy – Silver (9 charges/license suspensions)

Cst. Payton Denet - Silver (9 charges/license suspensions)

Coghill urges people to plan ahead and make sure they know they have a safe ride home before going out. 

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