After enduring smoky conditions throughout the weekend, the smoke is expected to dissipate over the next couple of days, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

A ridge of high pressure is causing smoke to flow from northern Saskatchewan, northern Alberta and British Columbia. 

The Moose Jaw region is closer to the centre of the ridge, so winds out of the north aren’t expected for much longer. 

We can expect smoky conditions today. The smoke will start to dissipate tomorrow with conditions improving by early afternoon. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell said it’s a good idea to monitor your health during their smokey periods. 

“If you’re not feeling well, it could be because of either the heat or the smoke, or the combinations of the two. If you are a part of a susceptible or more vulnerable population, it’s really important for you to monitor both conditions and how you’re doing,” Hasell said. 

Hasell added that a low pressure system could bring some rain and hazy conditions. 

“It will not surprise me if you see a risk of thunderstorms in the forecast by the time we get closer to Thursday. This system could easily have embedded convection, so some areas where showers are going to be stronger and might even get some strikes,” she explained. 

The Moose Jaw area received about 7.4 millimetres of rain on Monday. 

Temperatures are expected to stay around seasonal with highs in the low 20s and overnight lows around seven or eight degrees. 

You can check out the latest weather conditions here.

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