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Municipal leaders from across Saskatchewan have descended on Regina for the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association's 107th annual convention.

Moose Jaw Mayor Glenn Hagel along with members of City Council are taking in the seminars and meetings that go along with the event. Premier Brad Wall will address the convention Monday just before noon and cabinet ministers will gather Wednesday for a Bear Pit Session where SUMA members can ask questions.

Heading in, Mayor Hagel has two items that he wishes to focus on. "One is to re-affirm that we are all together in terms of our requests to both the senior levels of government in terms of support to address the infrastructure challenges that are facing all of us."

"I want to ensure that we're up to date on the provinces multi-material recycling program." said our mayor. "Because that is important to us as we investigate the possibility of introducing curb side recycling in the City of Moose Jaw."

Following Premier Wall's address there will be a major announcement on affordable housing being made by Saskatchewan Credit Unions and the HeadStart Homeowners program.

Marc Smith and Mayor Hagel discuss the SUMA convention