The summer of 2023 has cracked the top ten in terms of dryness here in Moose Jaw.

Environment Canada says Moose Jaw received 75.4 mm of rain during the months of June, July, and August. The 30-year normal for the same period is 160.9 mm.

"That made it the eighth driest in 128 years," said meteorologist Terri Lang.

Moose Jaw received 25.3 mm of rain in August, compared to the 30-year average of 39.1 mm.

"It was dry, but not as dry as some of the other places," added Lang.

Temperatures in August were slightly above average in Moose Jaw with a mean temperature of 19.1 compared to the 30-year average of 18.9 making it the 37th warmest August in 129 years.

The average temperature in August was 18.7 with the normal being 18.5.

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