Have you noticed an odd smell or taste to your tap water lately? 

It's typical for Buffalo Pound Lake to undergo an algae bloom at this time of year, which can lead to those issues. 

$325 million in construction is underway at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, one part of which includes a changeover between the granular activation carbon contactors to a new biological activated carbon system.  

Ryan Johnson, CEO of the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation, explained that once the change is made, the facility will have year-round taste and odour control.  

He said they're looking to have that work completed by the end of July. “We’re having some issues with the programming, and between the contractor, the programmers, and ourselves, we’re trying to resolve all of these issues.” 

In the meantime, water coming from the facility is still safe to drink, meeting all regulatory requirements. “For people more sensitive, it definitely has a taste which isn’t normal, or like in a hot shower, you can definitely smell it – it gives you more of a lake odour,” said Johnson.  

In the short term, Johnson said they’re adding powder activated carbon to mitigate taste and odour issues. “I’ve noticed it was a little better on the weekend, but you know, it comes and goes.”  

Construction at the plant started in 2022 and is set to continue through early 2026.