The final days of summer holidays are winding down as kids are getting ready to head back to school.

Suzanne Vance is a grade 5 homeroom teacher at Sunningdale School, which welcomes students back on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

"Tuesday, September 5th will be a day where we get orientated to the classroom, to the new teacher, our expectations for the classroom," she said. "We'll have some little fun activities for the kids to do to kind of make them think I'm a really fun teacher and then from there we'll slowly start diving into curriculum."

Vance has been teaching for a total of 32 years, 11 of those at Sunningdale and 21 years at Prince Arthur Community School.

She's expecting to welcome 26 students into the classroom this year.

"The first start-up is always super exciting. I have never not looked forward to the first week of school. It's busy. The four days that we have prior to kids coming is always busy in a teacher's life. We've got meetings and trying to set up our classrooms and making sure that everything feels safe and comfortable for kids to come to. Busy, busy, but in the end it's all worth it."

Students at Sunningdale will see mostly familiar faces this year with no admin staff changes, however there will be a couple of new teachers.

Vance says one of the best parts of the start of the school year is seeing kids reconnect with fellow classmates who they haven't seen in a while.

She had a message for parents as the big day approaches.

"It's going to go well. Kids are always anxious and parents are always anxious but I think for me personally, I've got you. We're going to work together to make this the best year possible for you, for your child and for me as the teacher and I think that's the important part, is that relationship."

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