The numbers collected in 2011 have been released and they show the City of Moose Jaw has grown by about 3.5% when compared to 2006.  33,274 people are now calling the Friendly City home.

The Canadian Census on Population report was presented Wednesday morning and confirmed what most of the country already new. More people are moving to the western part of the country.  Saskatchewan's population was up by 6.5% topping 1,033,000 people.

As expected, Regina and Saskatoon saw the biggest increases when it comes to actual people. Regina is now sitting at 193,000 residents with Saskatoon taking top spot at 222,000. Those increases sound huge but are just slightly above the provincial average for growth.

Some smaller communities saw amazing growth in the last five years when you look at their average increase over 2006, for example, Caronport grew by 16%.

With the fresh numbers now being circulated, we can expect to hear reaction from communities leaders as the day and week continues.  Check back for the latest.