Saskatchewan's Weekly Crop Report shows harvest is moving along.

According to the report, 82 per cent of the provincial crop is now in the bin, that's well ahead of the five-year average of 64 per cent.

At this point only a few acres of flax remain out in the southwest, where harvest is essentially complete with 97 per cent of the crop in the bin. The west-central region is 92 per cent complete followed by the southeast at 79 per cent, the northeast and northwest at 75 per cent, while the east-central region is at  66 per cent.

The lack of significant rainfall remains a concern as soil moisture conditions continue to deteriorate.  So far,  49 per cent of the topsoil moisture in the province is considered short and 26 per cent very short.

The report shows  49 per cent of the hay and pasture land is short on moisture, while 31 per cent is very short and 35 per cent of the province's pastures are considered to be in poor condition, with 22 per cent rated as very poor. 

Producers are hoping to see some decent rains once harvest is complete. 

The canola harvest is now 65 per cent complete across the province, mustard is at 97 per cent, soybeans 47 per cent and flax is at 39 per cent complete.  The cereal harvest is moving along with 94 per cent of the durum in, 92 per cent of the barley, 88 per cent of the spring wheat and 79 per cent of the oats.