Infinity Athletics is holding its heads up high after an outstanding collective performance at the Warman Cheer Classic this past weekend.  

Out of the six teams that went to Warman from Infinity Athletics, the gym walked away with three first-place finishes, and one second, third, and sixth-place finish. 

Infinity Athletics coach, Melissa Marzolf was very proud of her teams.  

“They all did very well,” says Marzolf. “There were over 2,500 athletes and it was pretty exciting. There were five provinces worth of athletes that made the trip to Warman.” 

The U12 Level team finished sixth, their Starbursts (U12 Level 1) finished third, the Comets (U8 Level 1) finished second, and the U12 Level 3, U16 Level 4, and U18 Level teams all finished first in their divisions. 

Another exciting achievement from the weekend was the gym was named the “Hit Zero” champion.  

“When you hit zero that means you have no deductions and you put out a safe routine with no falls or anything. That was very exciting. Out of all 12 performances total nine of them hit zero.” 

Marzolf adds that the success the gym saw from all teams stemmed from the hard work the coaches and athletes put into preparing for the event.  

“They’ve been working very hard, as we start to near the end of our season. They came together and had that energy and were ready to hit that floor. Right from the beginning of warmups had such great energy and attitude and came together as a team and that showed on the floor.” 

The Warman Cheer Classic is the biggest cheerleading competition in the province and one of the very few events that are run over two days.  

The first day of the competition is worth 30 per cent of their score, while day two is worth 70 per cent.  

Marzolf notes that the scoring system at the event made for a great learning experience for the teams.  

“This competition has an exciting feeling to it. It’s up on a big stage and there are tons and tons of people. It’s loud and you’re pumped up all the time. It was a blast.” 

Infinity Athletics is now off to its provincial championship event, which is next weekend in Regina at the Conexus Arts Centre. All of their teams and specialties will be taking part in the championship event.