Moose Jaw remains under a heat warning today, with an expected daytime high of 32 degrees Celsius.  

“There’s an upper level – very broad and large upper level – ridge that is planted over the top of Western Canada right now,” explained Kyle Ziolkowski, meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

“That’s resulted in really clear skies over the province, and also a lot of heat that has built in from Alberta, and that has moved into western Saskatchewan.” 

The ridge is moving eastward, and Moose Jaw will likely see the peak of the heat tomorrow with a daytime high sitting at 34 degrees.  

“Temperatures will start to moderate somewhat on the weekend. It might drop below our heat warning criteria on the weekend.” 

Friday’s daytime high is 28 degrees, Saturday is 29, and Sunday is 27. Temperatures will remain in the high 20s to start next week. 

“We’re looking at an extended period of really, really hot weather over Saskatchewan, and those heat warnings are probably going to get expanded to the rest of the province later today.” 

You’ll want to stay indoors in a cool spot while the heat warning remains in effect if possible, making sure to stay in the shade when you’re outside, and drink plenty of water. 

Heat warnings mean that there is a risk of heat-related illnesses including heat stroke and heat exhaustion, with the elderly, young, and those with chronic illnesses being particularly at risk.