Moose Jaw city council received an update on Monday night when it comes to the search for a new naming rights sponsor for the Moose Jaw Events Centre. 

The city decided in December of 2022 to hire a third party to help with the search. They brought on board Performance Sponsorship Group (PSG) at a cost of $29,000 plus a one-time commission of 20 per cent. 

During the city department quarterly reports, Coun. Heather Eby inquired whether PSG was still under contract with the city. 

City manager Maryse Carmichael confirmed that PSG is still under contract and actively searching have a naming rights partner. 

“We have been communicating with them, especially for me, to get up to speed on the information and different pursuits with different companies. There is one lead that the action is on me to just confirm with the possible entity if they’re willing or not,” Carmichael answered. 

The city has had a few close calls. City administration’s first attempt to hire a third-party group was delayed after a deal was nearly struck. 

Carmichael said they have a couple of parties interested but nothing is concrete at this time. 

“His worship and I have been in a number of meetings. One especially we think could be a potential company for the naming rights. It’s still ongoing and we’re still looking,” she said. 

The Moose Jaw Events Centre, formerly known as Mosaic Place, has been without a naming rights sponsor since August of 2022. 

The Mosaic Company announced in March of 2021 that it would not be renewing its 10-year $1.5 million naming rights deal.  

The agreement expired in August of 2021. However, the Mosaic Company agreed to a one-year extension but made it clear to the city that it would not have its name on the building after August of 2022. 

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