A basketball fundraiser held last week at Vanier Collegiate raised $818 for the local chapter of KidSport, which helps cover the cost of registration fees for local kids.

Kate Waldenberger & Jesse Mielke organized a free throw competition as part of one of their classes.

"The first day we had a great turnout with students coming in to shoot around," explained Kate. "The second day was a bit slower but still really good and then yesterday [Thurs] actually we had a lot of older people from the community come out and donate and it was so great to see."

Jesse said the turnout was tremendous, with 60 people participating in the week-long event, which took place over the lunch hour.

"It really means a lot to both of us. For people to come out and support us and the kids so they can play sports."

Hoops for Sports(L-R) Kate Waldenberger, John Eberl, and Jesse Mielke

KidSport Moose Jaw Chair John Eberl stopped by the school on Friday to lend his support.

"When they reached out by e-mail to me, I just was really pleased that they'd chosen our charity of choice," he said. "That $818 will put a dozen people in a full week of swimming lessons. It's really big to us and it means a lot to the entire community."

Kate and Jesse wanted to thank those who helped out with the event, including teachers, the senior girl's basketball team and Emerald Customs Creations, which donated a pair of trophies for the fundraiser. Kate noted her mom Christa Lapointe also helped out in a big way.

For adults, Haylee Bevan had the top female score, with Braedon Crone winning top male. For high school, Eric Meili had the top male score, with Feona Tolentino winning top female.

KidSport Moose Jaw helps over 250 kids per year with a budget of between $50,000 and $60,000.