A couple of major roadways remain closed in the city as the water main replacement program continues through the summer. 

First Avenue Northwest from Caribou Street to Hall Street is ongoing. As of July 21, underground work got underway on the 1100 block of First Avenue Northwest and a dig-repair is underway at the intersection of Caribou Street and First Avenue. 

The Caribou Street, Oxford Street, Ross Street and Hall Street intersections are closed, while the Saskatchewan Street intersection remains open. 

As of June 15, water main replacement construction was completed on Saskatchewan Street East from Main Street to Third Avenue Northeast. About 475 metres of PVC water line was installed and 420 metres of road was repaved. 

Grandview Street West from Sixth Avenue Southwest to 10th Avenue Southwest, construction and surface work was completed on the 600 and 700 blocks of Grandview Street.  

Construction will continue on the 800 and 900 blocks of Grandview. The Eighth Avenue and 10th Avenue intersections remain temporarily closed. 

Road construction on Main Street SouthWater main replacement construction continues on Main Street South. (Photo by Shawn Slaght)

Construction is also ongoing on Main Street South from Home Street to Iroquois Street. Both intersections remain open, but the Lillooet intersection is closed. 

Southbound truck traffic on Highway 2 is being detoured to Ninth Avenue Southwest so that Highway 2 can be accessed from Highway 363. 

Other locations slated for the water main replacement program in 2022 include: 

  • Athabasca Street East from Second Avenue Northeast and Third Avenue Northeast 
  • Second Avenue Northeast from Athabasca Street East to Hochelaga Street East. 
  • Grandview Street East from Main Street South to First Avenue Southeast 

You can find weekly updates on the water main replacement project on the City of Moose Jaw’s website or the City of Moose Jaw app.