Go anywhere to purchase anything, and you will notice inflation is causing the price to go up.

The inflation rate in 1980 was 13.50 percent, and while we aren't at that level, currently Canadians are dealing with a 7.7 percent inflation rate. 

It can be difficult to find a silver lining when gas, groceries and bills are getting harder and harder to keep up with, but Aaron Ruston of Purposed Financial has some tips to use inflation to your advantage. 

One way is a guaranteed investment certificate or better known as a GIC. "You can now get a one-year GIC for just over 4 percent. Think about a year and a half ago you did not see that at all," says Ruston. 

Ruston also says one of the best investments you can make is paying down debt.

"In today's rapidly escalating interest rate environment, lock your mortgage in, set it up so that if you do want to pay it down a bit on renewal periods, you can," says Ruston. 

He says if you go this route, remember to check for penalties you will be charged if you do pay down your mortgage early.