For the second year in a row, the Greek Night fundraiser presented by Tourism Moose Jaw and the Downtown Moose Jaw Association was a smashing good time. 

Over 400 people packed into the Moose Jaw Curling Centre for Saturday’s 2nd annual Greek Night, which consisted of great food, great company, and of course some highly anticipated plate smashing.  

Jacki L'Heureux-Mason, Executive Director of Tourism Moose Jaw says there was a lot of pressure after the bar they set for themselves last year.  

“We looked at each other yesterday morning and felt like we accomplished that goal. There were a lot of smiles, we had 355 tickets sold and all but about 10 people didn’t show up. It was full, it was busy, people had a ton of fun, and the food was amazing. Overall, I think it was a tremendous success.” 

L'Heureux-Mason says, while the total isn't official, she could say confidently that more than last year’s amount of $14,500.  

They definitely raised that bar this year, those in attendance were treated to Greek music performed by Arkadia – the Greek Band. Wonderland, a Regina cover band, also was on hand to keep the party hopping throughout the evening.   

In addition, people were treated to a surprise performance of Medusa by the Doris Sitter School of Dance.  

Greek Night also featured a major draw for a $5,000 travel voucher, which was awarded to Jen Penna.  

“I don’t think she could have been more excited. It was awesome.” 

Besides the travel voucher, there were several items people could walk away with. 

“We had three live auctions this year instead of one single one. We were again able to raffle off the dinner for eight at the Mad Greek, Cask 82 stepped up with a party for 40 people including live entertainment, appetizers, and some drinks. We also had a game-worn [Brayden] Yager jersey. Everything went for a lot more than it did last year, so we're so happy about that.” 

John Iatridis, Gabrielle Belanger, and L’Heureux-Mason all helped organize the event.   

After two years of very successful Greek Nights, it’s safe to say that it will be back next year for the third annual event.  

“We really have something special here. Something added every year will definitely be beneficial. It’s going to be big shoes to fill for next year but I’m up for the challenge and I certainly know that John [Iatridis] and Gabbi [Belanger] are too.”