Moose Jaw schools will be full of energy this week, as Tuesday, Sept. 5 marks the first day back for most students.

Mme Ethier is in her 28th year of teaching, with 23 of those at École St. Margaret School.

She says they're trying to make the classroom as fun and as interactive as possible.

"We're getting some games ready for the first week and making some posters and our bulletin boards interactive so that their brains are ready to go as they're coming into the classroom and getting some booklets ready," Ethier remarked. 

Lisa EthierGrade 2 teacher Lisa Ethier

École St. Margaret School had a record turnout for its Unpack Your Backpack event held on Aug. 30.

"Out of 18 kids, I had 14 show up and unpack their backpacks in the classroom and they got to choose their desk and their locker and they were all quite excited," continued Ethier. "I was lucky enough to have some former students that are now in Vanier come and pay a little visit so that was kind of cool too."

Students also had the chance to meet their teacher for the upcoming year.

Ethier says while she is seeing more technology being used in the classroom, the tried-and-true method of pen and paper hasn't been replaced.

"We have different games that we play and being that it's a French immersion school, it always helps having that extra audio," she explained. "I have learning centres, and so when I'm with one group, another group gets to listen to a story on the laptop, or on the computer and then they answer questions or they get to play a math game in French. We have a little bit more technology, but we still do a fair amount on paper and pencil and we're at the whiteboard. Some of the teachers are lucky enough, they have a TV in their room that's interactive, so that's really cool too."

Classes begin Tuesday, Sept. 5 for schools in both Prairie South School Division and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division.

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