The Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG) have taken a firm stand in opposition of a proposed cut of 30% to fertilizer emissions in a submission to the federal government.

The organizations says the policy attempts to reduce greenhouse gases, but the actual reduction would be infinitesimal, and the impact on the food in Canada, and globally, would be significant.

President Gunter Jochum notes the policy is precisely what Canada, and the world, does not need in a time of food insecurity and inflation. 

“The proposed cut will not have any significant impact on GHGs, but will reduce grain production, cause even more inflation for consumers, and create global food insecurity at a time when markets are fragile due to events like the war in Ukraine,” he said.

WCWG Chair Daryl Fransoo added the proposal is simply bad policy.

“Who will pay the price for this policy if it is enacted?...Farmers, the poor and the food insecure. This is simply bad policy. Canadian grain farmers are already less fertilizer intensive than most farmers in the world. We are already leaders.”

The federal government's consultation process wrapped up last week.

Click here to view WCWG's Submission