If you looked up at the sky on Tuesday night you may have seen a picturesque scene of colourful streaks of light. 

While it wasn’t the Northern Lights, it was a phenomenon known as ice pillars. But what are ice pillars and how do they form? 

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Shannon Moodie explained that ice pillars are simply city lights reflecting off ice crystals in the sky. 

“Everybody knows sun dogs. They're really common,” Moodie explained. “This a similar kind of phenomenon, but it's just caused by lights in the city.” 

She also explained how common it is to see ice pillars. 

“Well, it's relatively common, but I think sometimes they're just much more pronounced, and that's why people will really notice them, and they definitely can make some really beautiful photos,” she said. 

Below is a gallery of some of the ice pillars that appeared over Moose Jaw Tuesday night.