The Natatorium has a long history in Moose Jaw, but the depression-era building’s future has been up in the air for many years. 

Now that there are plans to replace the Phyllis Dewar outdoor pool with new change rooms, a mechanical room and an administrative area, the Natatorium is scheduled to be decommissioned, which could actually breathe new life into the future of the building. 

“I'm excited by the prospect of trying to get it reused in some way,” said Mayor Clive Tolley. 

Before, it was a struggle to find a suitable tenant for the historic building knowing that they would have to share the building with the outdoor pool in the summer. 

The new replacement pool is expected to be completed in 2025, so at the moment there are no concrete plans for the building. However, the city is prepared to listen to suggestions. 

“One idea that was brought forward would be to create a farmers' market in that building, but I mean it would be very expensive to renovate that building,” Tolley said.  

“No matter what the use we come up with for the new building for the Natatorium, we're going to have to apply for money from federal and provincial to have enough money to renovate that building and put it back into use.”