Over 100 km/h winds are enough to rip shingles off roofs, tip over fences, and keep insurance and repair companies busy for weeks.

Roofers are especially busy after the wind storm that whipped through Saskatchewan last week, as the winds not only managed to tear up roofs on the outskirts, but houses deeper in town also.

While those who work on wind damage are no strangers to high winds, many were amazed by the winds and gusts we received.

"The odd one that gets up to 80 and 90 klicks is strong enough for some of the older shingles," said Brody Schoffer, owner/operator of Dr. Roof. "[...] but I've never seen anything like this with being 130 plus k winds. It's out of the ordinary."

Schoffer even said that one roof that was recently finished, with 320 bundles of shingles used, needed to be completely redone.

With the high winds and with harsher weather on the way, roofers are especially strapped for time right now.

"Little much for this time of year to be trying to put on the crunch now for all the people that are still missing shingles and, you know, not enough roofers to keep up to get around to everybody, you know, the next day or the day after," added Schoffer. "Sometimes it's going to be a week or two down the road before everybody gets tidied up and maybe [clean up will go] into next year as well."